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Raising A Community Through Business With Mari Borrero

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When trying to build a successful business many new business owners find themselves potentially having to compromise some of their values but that isn t the case for Mari Borrero Co-Founder and Owner of American Abatement amp Demo Together with her husband Adam she has built a successful business from its inception has been committed to empowering the underserved creating new opportunities for the hispanic community and developing and training the next generation of employees all across construction the construction industry In this episode Mari shares her origin story how she has led and grown AAD and how she sustained the company through the COVID-19 pandemic through brilliant pivoting and the secret sauce you can replicate as you build your own successful company Uncle Sam s Secret Sauce is hosted by Rafael Marrero Founder and CEO of Rafael Marrero amp Company which helps small companies do business with the world s biggest customer the U S Federal Government Click here to visit this podcast episode