RPDC 21: Craig-san: Reloaded

Craig S Darth Craiger Craig-san The Melon Soda Bandit of Akihabara This social entrepreneur and 3-time Yelp Elite goes by many monikers but a Craig by any other name reviews just as sweet On Episodes 5 and 18 you heard the boys go through the Donkey Kong Country mine cart level of emotions that is reading a Craig-written review coming out the other side giggling Now hear directly from the man himself That s right we got that son of a gun in the Review Party Dot Com Studio and we lit him up with our most fiery hard hitting brutal questions Besides the Mr Craig this episode s topics include All American USA Fountain Soda Cola shouting There s ice in it There s ice in it hot action on the field ladies and gentleman it s football season isn t it waitin for snap bracelets The Old Union Bae hackying some sack Sprecher s Energy Root Beer Seinfeld Chads TrustedCaskets com Beauty and the Beast Vampire Hunters and Night of the Living Dad Want more party Head over to https www reviewpartydotcom com Click here to visit this podcast episode