She’s Gonna Say It’s TT Is Proud Of Their Latest Interviews, Book Reviews, and New Podcast

We spoke with TT from the popular podcast, She’s Gonna Say It, about the podcast’s changes and future endeavors. There are a lot of both. She’s Gonna Say It is now a cast of two featuring TT and Ms. Lou, two dynamic ladies who are out to change the world with their own views and style.

Coffee Talk Plus

In addition to their flagship episode “Coffee Talk” which is the one where they always have fun and laughs asking random spontaneous questions including two shallow questions and two deep. They all sit down and talk about their weeks, their latest interviews and book reviews take the podcast in a new direction all set to find new audience members. With topics including love, relationships, favorite music and book reviews, there is something for everyone in this podcast. The interview with a plastic surgeon and how plastic surgery is affected by social media is interesting as everything is affected by social media today. SGSI delves down into plastic surgery in general. Episodes include Gary Chapman’s ever popular book, the 5 Love Languages.

A New YouTube Channel

It is not just about interviews. The podcasters have also started a brand new YouTube channel of the same name at – Check out the channel and subscribe as well as comment on the video posts.

Book Reviews

These are a big part of this podcast. The hosts have already reviewed The Meaning of Mariah, a biography on 90’s singer superstar Mariah Carey. Upcoming book reviews include “Quit Like a Woman” about alcohol society and how it affects women in general. If you like book reviews, subscribe to this podcast and listen to their episodes on different book reviews.

A New Health-Oriented Podcast From TT

A new podcast is in the works called “She’s Gonna Be Healthy” which will address struggles with weight, relationship with food and the changes in our body as women age. We look forward to adding that to the New York City Podcast Network.