Are you looking for another audience to promote your business? Have you thought about becoming a guest on a podcast? Podcasts are the best way to find new audiences as potential customers. On the new Podcast Guest Exchange, you can promote your business while adding a new dimension to your business. If you are a public speaker, becoming a podcast guest is a natural marketing strategy. Instead of speaking in person to an audience, you are speaking to an online audience of sometimes thousands of people, depending on the audience’s reach of specific podcasters.

Fill out this form to sign up to be invited to podcasts. The New York City Podcast Network has [total-number-of-podcasts] podcasts and can blast out your information to them.

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We never sell or distribute your email address. We may use it for internal communication with you, but podcasters will be able to invite you through your social media. We may also make your email address a username for our guest portal which is currently being built.

Your Directory & Profile Display Information

Your display name is your first and last name as it appears on the guest exchange on your guest profile. This is how podcasters will see your name as well when inviting you to be on their shows.

Why do we ask for this? It is optional, but it may be better for invitations. See the FAQs below the form.

At this moment, we do not allow people to upload their headshots, so please enter a URL for your headshot.

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People will contact you through social media. We will not give out your email address to avoid spam.


Why is my profile not displayed as soon as I sign up?

Our guest relations team inspects every guest submission. We usually approve all submissions in 24 hours. If there is an issue with a profile, we contact the guest right away.

You collected my email address. Will that be distributed to podcasters to email me an invitation?

No, we do not give out email addresses. Instead, we allow the podcaster to invite you through your social media. So far, we offer Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We will be adding a feature to allow you to receive invitations via email in the next release of the guest exchange signup form. For now, fill out as many social networks as you’d like in order to receive submissions.

Why do we ask for your gender?

This is optional, but some podcasters look for guests in specific genres. We will be adding filters to the guest exchange this Summer. One of the filters will be gender. If you specify your gender, you could be selected through our gender filters.

I signed up through another individual and want to give that person credit. They are not listed on the How Did You Hear Of Us menu. How can I give them credit?

You can send our guest relations team a message on our contact form.

What languages do you offer for podcasters to interview me?

We currently offer English, but in Summer 2023, we will make multiple languages available. The language will also be a filter.