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Slow Your Roll – 5 Tips For When Starting A Podcast

Slow Your Roll – 5 Tips When Starting a Podcast – Episode 219 If you have committed to starting a podcast or even a blog you may want to jump in with both feet just to get started nbsp However no matter how anxious you are to get started let me tell you one thing first slow your roll and line up your ducks first I started my first podcast in 2012 and my first podcast in 2017 – I am still updating and adding nbsp and learning so here are just 5 tips that I am sharing with you for when you are starting your podcast Client shoutouts Slow Your Roll Tip 1 – Don t spend a lot of money on equipment – everyone is anxious to have the latest and greatest piece of equipment – but wait use your mic on the phone or an inexpensive condenser mic before going out to purchase fancy expensive equipment for a home studio – there are too many ways to record on the low – in your closet or under a fort and if you wait to save up for the latest and greatest equipment you may be waiting weeks months or even years and then give up Slow Your Roll Tip 2 – Build a Foundation – you may be thinking that your podcast is just a hobby but think of it as a jobby – why because it s your brand and you want it to be as good as it can get from the giddy up even though there will be tumbles along the way nbsp But think of it as an investment into your media brand have fun but it may be the catalyst for something bigger – perhaps a tv show or major sponsorship Slow Your Roll Tip 3 – Listen to advice from those in the know – don t be so cocky that you can t learn from others – but choose those others wisely – nbsp listen to their videos and podcasts read share and grow as there is always room for improvement even it you have been podcasting since 2000 nbsp Remember your network is your net worth so sign up for course or listen to audio from those in the know that are doing the darn thing Slow Your Roll Tip 4 – Waiting and Procrastinating – Imposter Syndrome is real nbsp Don t allow fear or intimidation of other s success stop you from starting nbsp If you fear that you are not deserving of success even if you are helping only 1 person or have a handful of listeners don t delay your launch especially if you are passionate about your topic nbsp Every day that you delay your launch is a delay of success nbsp You don t have to be great to get started but you do have to get started to be great Slow Your Roll Tip 5 – Checking Your Numbers – stop it If you want to have a successful podcast you have to stop thinking about how many downloads you have – think about what really matters nbsp You are the voice behind the vision – you are the SME you are building onto your brand you are leaving a legacy As a new podcaster you will grow and get better but don t wait and allow others to determine your path – remember you have to do you boo boo Email info ablakeenterprises com Blog https delblogger com Podcast https tinyurl com Blog2Profit Podcast https anchor fm DelawareBlogger — Send in a voice message https anchor fm delawareblogger messageClick here to visit this podcast episode