Spiritland With Charles Langly

This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes Journalist and Author Charles Langley Charles is the former news editor at the London Evening Standard Europe s best-selling evening newspaper Raised in England he set out across the U S in 2003 to drive from Florida to California but wound up on a Navajo reservation in Arizona At a peyote medicine ceremony he met a shaman named Blue Horse After earning a degree in anthropology at the University of New Mexico in 2007 he became Blue Horse s apprentice and began compiling an archive on the workings of Navajo traditional medicine In 1968 Carlos Castaneda expanded our vision of the universe with his shamanistic journey into the ancient metaphysical knowledge of Mexico with The Teachings of Don Juan Spiritland Spirit Land The Peyote Diaries of Charles Langley is a spiritual successor for a new generation detailing the contemporary journey of a British journalist Charles who becomes enveloped in Navajo rituals dating back to the Ice Age and the work of the powerful medicine man Blue Horse Segment 1 Sometimes people get on our nerves and we just want to shoot them That never works because no matter what happens people are always going to disagree with you Sometimes you might not even agree with yourself It just makes it worse if you try to get someone to agree with you There job is to live their life not to agree with you Variety is the spice of life Segment 2 Charles Langley The Medicine man has a way of communicating with spirits and finding them Charles wrote the book Spirit Land so he could preserve this Navajo way of life as best as he could before it goes away Before learning these traditions Charles new nothing about them and had no particular interest in them Segment 3 There are different medicine men that specialize in different types of ceremonies Deals with people who have had runs with bad luck or who have think they have been cursed Bluehorse determined that Charles was shot by a ghost arrow He ended up pulling the arrow out of his body and as an anthropologist Charles knows that it is actually impossible to pull things out of people s bodies Segment 4 Traditional mastery of fire The medicine man would take the red hot coals and put it into his mouth blowing it onto the patient If it was dark in the Teepee his entire face would just glow Very few young people are interested in this type of medicine due to the fact that at a young adult age we are all looking to start making money American culture is brought up to believe that all this stuff is boloney but then again it keeps happening in front of everyone s eyes over and over and over again Click here to visit this podcast episode