Stinkin Thinkin Stinks With Bill King

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Sam welcomes Bill King Bill is a writer speaker certified trainer and mentor He designs and implements processes to simplify complex issues with amazing results and has used his gifts to design fun exciting and educational ideas to help kids deal with negativity low self-esteem bullying and anger He teaches kids positive thinking kindness forgiveness and awareness in a way they can relate to His website www idontstink com teaches kids from a completely different point of view The premise is negative thoughts stink Using humor to break down the barriers many people have Bill provides an entertaining atmosphere that promotes learning that will stick Bill is also launching a new kid s program this fall designed for public private and charter schools for elementary and middle-school-aged children His book STINKIN THINKIN STINKS continues to be an Amazon bestseller with it being in the top 100 for more than 8 straight months Bill and Sam will speak about why it is so important to help kids cultivate a more positive attitude and how they can do that and still be cool Click here to visit this podcast episode