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Subscriptions – The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Customer Relationship Tools With Gaby Yitzhaek Of Smartrr

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In today s Shopify ecommerce podcast my guest is Gaby Tegan the CEO and Founder of Smartrr Smartrr is the premiere subscription app that allows DTC Shopify brands to deepen their relationship with loyal shoppers Built with your end customer in mind Smartrr increases brand engagement and lifetime value with out-of-the-box subscription offerings that keep customers engaged and delighted In addition to a beautifully branded member portal subscribers can gift skip swap pause or even fast-track their most loved products Join the likes of high-growth brands such as Starface Remi The Earthling Stix and Jolie who have seen an average of 15X more sales over a subscriber s lifetime using Smartrr Profitably GROW and SCALE your Shopify store with the resources mentioned in today s ecommerce podcast episode Have any questions or comments about this episode You can reach us at hello ecommercefastlane com or through any of our social channels We love hearing from our listeners Looking to profitably grow and scale revenue for your Shopify store Click here eCommerceFastlane com for the latest strategies Hosted on Acast See acast com privacy for more information Click here to visit this podcast episode