The 10 Most Popular Podcasts In New York City in Fall 2020

If you live in New York City or its 5 boroughs including Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island, you probably are recovering from the news of today's favorite current event, Covid-19 snd Coronavirus. That means that most residents of New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut are indoors working at home, unemployed, or taking virtual vacations. That also means that certain podcasts are becoming more popular in New York City. With that said, we at the New York City Podcast Network are always scanning the popularity of specific podcasts in the Big Apple, so here they are: Call Put Strike An amazing podcast for anyone who is day trading or a frequent daily stock investor. For this who are following the stock market and looking for the big stock to buy at a low cost, this is definitely one of the podcasts to listen to. Whether you are looking for stocking options trading, put calls or other types of risky investments, Call Put Strike watches them for us. We call this the "Jim Cramer of Podcasters" for those of you who are fans of the hit show Mad Money. What is very special about this podcast is that they are telling us best best stock trades during the COVID-19 and Coronavirus pandemic. They publish podcast episodes at least 2 to 3 times per week and one of the best advice we got about the stock market was to invest in Pfizer since they are working on a COVID-19 vaccine. However, this podcast is not limited to just trading stocks. They also talk about the current state of unemployment in the United States, special types of trades including fractional shares, and successful companies to invest in including Tesla, Pfizer, as well as how the stock market is affected by President Trump and his unpredictable statements on the economy, family finances, and the all popular subject of COVID19. Warehouse Rats Podcast If you are looking for a fun, goofy, and loosely formatted podcast that will make you laugh, you definitely want to subscribe to the Warehouse Rats podcast. Join Ricardo and Josh as they have fun comparing and reviewing everything that makes us happy from science fiction and comedy movies (Adam Sandler movies, Star Wars), actors, beers, gaming (Dungeons and Dragons), funny people, alcoholic beverages, coffee, sports, and anything that makes us laugh and happy. They also feature different types of people from nurses to actors to gaming experts and hosts of other podcasts. Episodes are published every Saturday night on Anchor, iTunes, and Spotify. The Blockchain DNA Podcast By Metaverse DNA For the latest news in Blockchain technology, Global Developments, Business and Fintech, you want to subscribe to this podcast. From Alex Lightman hosts a very informative podcast on how digital assets from block chain technology helps the digital, financial, and health world. Episodes are published usually approximately 3 times per week and include subject matter from hacking, security, cybercrime and their most recent podcast episodes in July include Pseudonyms, Self-Sovereign Identity. Alex Lightman is a very dynamic host who has a pleasant and professional podcast voice and who is very knowledgable in block chain technology. O[The Lightman Report] The Great Transition In E-Commerce Published on June 17, 2020 which explains security protocols with cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, politics, and financial markets. This is the first episode by Alex Lightman. The great transition in E-Commerce which explains how human beings were able to shift into commerce. Listen to the episode for more details.