The 4 Minute Podcast Hack

Every once in a while I come across some unique marketing hacks that are too good not to share This is one of them Learn how to create 4-minute podcast episodes to drive new engagement subscribers and ultimately sales FINAL QUESTIONS 1 Hottest digital marketing technology that you recommend Castbox for Marketing Podcasts FINAL QUESTION 2 Who is the most influential person in marketing today YouTube Channel TikTok Facebook Page Guest BIO Sam graduated UCLA in Mechanical Engineering and quickly realized that he had a burning desire to tell the stories of the most inspirational individuals around him Armed with a microphone he ventures to delve deeply into the life stories of entrepreneurs and understand why they chose this difficult and unpredictable path Some of the founders he has interviewed include the founders of American Apparel Soylent Masterclass Bulletproof and Eaze HOST Mark Fidelman markfidelman HTTP www fanaticsmedia com Click here to visit this podcast episode