The Abundance Project With Derek Rydall

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Sam welcomes Amazon Barnes Noble 1 bestselling author of EMERGENCE Seven Steps for Radical Life Change Derek Rydall Segment 1 Sam welcomes all his listeners to the new space for the first time on his show He talks briefly about receiving help and liking to always do things by himself Life is just so much easier with help He does his quotes of the day and breaks it down Sometimes when things take longer than you thought they would it s just a gentle reminder from your greater self that you have more time than you thought and that there s a journey to enjoy Mike Dooley Sam talks about what makes him happy and that s how he picked his job He then tells a college story about a guy doing a job he hates just for a bigger pay check He encourages his listeners to gravitate toward working at different places to keep the joy and value Segment 2 He introduces his guest Derek Rydall a spiritual visionary who has a new book out THE ABUNDANCE PROJECT 40 Days to More Wealth Health Love and Happiness Rydall tells his story about being young and what was his goal before all this success He talks about always being a visionary even for his friends when he was in college Rydall talks about why and how he got the hint to writing his first book which became a best seller Sometimes we need the pain to motivate us and help us do something different Sam Derek Rydall brings up a good comparison of a nut turning into an Oak Tree and then says a great quote He talks about his struggles and almost drowning and that s what made him crack like a nut and grow his Oak Tree Rydall talks about trying to become a Monk and almost going insane and breaking into the kitchen and stealing food Segment 3 Sam continues his conversation with Derek Rydall Rydall talks about loving yourself because you can t give what you don t have Also how people should receive and give support He then talks about how he gets people to use his principles in uncomfortable or unexpected times STOP REACTING AND REMAIN PRESENT Sam talks about a lesson he learned about finding solutions to problem by getting outside the problem Problem s don t get solved but they dissolve as we evolve Derek Rydall Segment 4 Derek talks about what lead to his break through of his new life and receiving the abundance principle How he began to teach it to others and saw the same results it had on him One of the most important part of his teaching is seeing themselves through breakthrough of getting to there true self Stop putting yourself on the layaway plan and do what is destined for you Rydall talks about having so much in him that he wants to talk about so they ll be more books on the way He says he doesn t want to help your shelf book collection but he want to help you Click here to visit this podcast episode