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The Benefits Of Utilizing The Wins & Losses Of Our Lives For EQUAL Gain With James Heppner

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Don t make my mistake You don t need to Don t do it Don t buy that narrative Take a step the right step Social media will tell you what the right step is Ask yourself what s your right step You know what the right step is in my opinion Taking a step Participate with it Raw honest Go for it James Heppner is a human and average ordinary person who helps successful people stop self-sabotage raise their standards and participate with unshakable confidence He is the host of the Weekly Wins and Losses podcast and an avid biohacker James Heppner was paralyzed with fear and indecision for two and a half years until he realized that he had to take a step to reach his potential and be the man he wanted to be He started biohacking and experimenting with different methods to reach his goals and eventually learned to listen to his body and trust himself Now James enjoys his biohacking and takes care of himself He also coaches high achievers and lives life to it s fullest because he discovered some simple truths to making the most of his life In this episode you will learn the following 1 The benefits of utilizing the wins and losses of our lives for EQUAL gain 2 What are the benefits of biohacking and pushing oneself further 3 How do we make the mindset shift required to value our losses as much as our wins 4 3 steps you can implement right now to start utilizing the wins and losses James Heppner www jameshepner com quiz Website https www jamesheppner com Twitter https twitter com JamesMegHeppner YouTube https www youtube com channel UCXg9eAPhuWBPVlEv8qiObvg The video version of this show is available on YouTube https www youtube com thefalliblemanpodcast and Rumble https rumble com c c-2176422 Register for our Live or Virtual Conference The Phoenix Men s Conference https www thefallibleman com thephoenix Fallible Man Coaching Services If you need some help conquering your goals building a plan and seeking the life you want to live you can find me at www thefalliblmean com coaching and schedule a discovery call and work with me directly Actually get a GOOD night s sleep Go see my friends at https www ghostbed com pages fallible and use the code fallible for 30 off your order It s what I sleep on and what I count on Click here to visit this podcast episode