The Conscious Consultant Hour-The Evolutionary Collective With Patricia Albere And Jeff Carreira

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This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes two very special guests Patricia Albere and Jeff Carreira Patricia Albere is the founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally recognized contemporary spiritual teacher and mystic Starting in 1971 Albere found herself at the leading edge of the human potential movement as an original member of the EST organization currently called Landmark Education Working with cultural icon and transformational movement pioneer Werner Erhard Albere played an important role in expanding EST s reach into the world and developing and training the organization s leaders By age 33 Albere was highly revered as a public speaker transformational teacher and workshop leader Jeff Carreira is a Master teacher philosopher writer lecturer evolutionary pioneer that is been steeped in the study and practice of Evolutionary Spirituality After years of dedicated seeking Carreira s spiritual search led him to a series of awakenings to non-dual consciousness and the possibility of conscious evolution Three years ago Carreira began to teach the Evolutionary Collective with Patricia Albere in New York Sam will speak with Patricia and Jeff about The Evolutionary Collective as a new model for mutual awakening marking the creation and ongoing expansion of an inter-subjective field of intimacy truth mutuality and depth that occurs in a new space in consciousness – one that allows transformation inside an intense and accelerated relational field Originally recorded August 22 2014 Click here to visit this podcast episode