The Conscious Consultant Hour The Sacred World Journeys Of Jacqueline Muller

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Sam welcomes Transformational Healer and Spiritual Coach Jacqueline Muller Jacqueline is a Swiss national who grew up with Thai royalty owned a pet elephant has travelled to over 80 countries and speaks 8 languages She has worked in 29 countries took a business from US 10M to 50M in 3 years and was instrumental in taking Boston Proper in Florida from 2M to 100M Jacqueline is also very much a philanthropist and personally oversaw many humanitarian projects from Congo to Nepal and India to Zambia Jacqueline is qualified as a certified master NLP practitioner an Ericksonian hypnotist an inter-cultural coach behavioral coach a Global Leadership coach a Robert Pante style consultant a healing practitioner energy worker and timeline therapist Originally Recorded November 21 2014 Click here to visit this podcast episode