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The Daily Taste: Monday May 23rd, 2022 – What Is A Macro Bin?

This week I ve decided to take you through the process of making wine start to finish This will give you an in depth look at what commercial wineries do to produce the beautiful wines we get to drink every day When you visit your favorite winery during harvest time you likely see large white plastic bins stacked up all over the winery These square white bins are known as Macro Bins They get their name from the company who produces them Macro Plastics Each bin is made of a special food grade plastic with smooth porous-free surfaces and fruit-friendly rounded corners The bins we used held 1 half ton of grapes each During harvest a flatbed truck comes to the winery in the afternoon and picks up the number of empty macro bins that the picking crew will need that night to pick and transport the grapes Macro bins are typically set at the end of the vineyard rows While picking grapes each member of the picking crew carries their own basket as they hustle through the vineyard harvesting the grapes from the vines with a special picking knife When their basket gets full they carry it over and dump them into the Macro bin The full Macro bins are then loaded on to the flatbed truck and delivered to the winery early in the morning before the grapes have a chance to warm up The macro bins have specially designed bottoms that allow them to be easily lifted by the forks of a forklift and easily stacked when empty Once at the winery the grapes are unloaded from the truck by a forklift and prepared for pressing White wine grapes are taken by forklift and dumped into the press and pressed to make wine I have posted some pictures on my website of what these macro bins look like full of fruit and a video of the bins being loaded into a press by a forklift Please go to the show website at www obsessedwithwine net and click the link at the top for the daily taste segments There you will find this episode and can see the pictures and the videos