The Double Diamond Hour- Quantum Energetic Structured Therapy With Elizabeth Tomboulian

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While Dr Millie takes a well-deserved break Sam steps in to bring the topic back to Energy Medicine with a special guest Elizabeth Tomboulian is a Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy QEST and is certified by the Association for the Advancement of Energy Medicine and comes to this practice with years of experience as a 2008 graduate along with CranioSacral Therapy Upledger 2006 and Sound Energy Healing Goldman 2009 in order to provide informed leading edge care using kinesiology and these methods with the subtle energy systems on a quantum level with these sophisticated practices Energetic therapy is not traditional medicine massage body work and work with the subtle energy systems of the body Sam and Elizabeth will discuss the need and results of using Energy Medicine in today s changing health care landscape Click here to visit this podcast episode