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The Evolution of Leaders is a perfect podcast for people needing to improve their leadership skills

From athletes to coaches to businesspeople, Darwin Li explores the traits, habits or behaviors that have contributed to the success of high performers. Bringing on experienced people and listening to their stories, we get the information firsthand. With interviews of very famous people who have achieved career highs, this is the podcast to subscribe to. When we listened to Darwin’s podcast and episodes, we learn not only from him, but also from the lessons from those who have been through the ringer and have come out successful.

This podcast is specially a great one to subscribe to, because if you run a business like a busy podcast network such as the NY City Podcast Network and work with a lot of people, leadership is everything. This is no wonder why this podcast gets a lot of views.

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Our Favorite Podcast Episodes

Episode 6: Success Mindset From Donald Trump’s Right Hand Man – George Ross! posted 11/02/2020

We listened to 3 episodes from Episodes of Leaders and the one that stands out the most is George Ross who appeared on the Apprentice with President Donald Trump and has actually done more real estate deals in NY than any other lawyer. He helped develop the Trump brand as well. We listened to this episode and learned so much. Darwin asked George what he thinks the key leadership and personality traits are. He said honesty, trust, and to make a friendly atmosphere.

Lessons On How To Build Great Organizations By Scot Rutherford- Ep. 7 – Evolution Of Leaders posted 11/9/2020

Scot Rutherford and past president and CEO of Scot Builders which was recognized as one of Canada’s best workplaces. He now provides mentorship in leadership, workplace culture, organizational structure and employee ownership. I am very interested in learning employee ownership, so this was one episode where we were very interested in listening to.

Episode 5: World Dragon Boat Champion Jordan Hulecki Interview posted 10/28/20

Darwin coached this man so it is interesting to see a person who the host of this amazing podcast has actually coached.

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Listen at https://nycpodcastnetwork.com/podcast/evolution-of-leaders-darwin-li/

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