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The Fitness News #4: Water Killed Bruce Lee, Dirty Dozen List Update, Itchy Bums & Superfood Honey

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Welcome to The Fitness News hosted by Bill Tom of Chat Sh t Get Fit Here s what s hot in health and fitness this week Further Investigation has researchers saying Bruce Lee Died of Over Hydration Dirty Dozen List Update Foods riddled with pesticides 12 Reasons You Might Have An Itchy Bum How To Fix It Brand New Study Looking At Honey Cardiometabolic Risk Factors FULL SHOW NOTES Articles Studies Honey Study Honey Article Podcast On Organic Vs Non-Organic Bruce Lee Article Dirty Dozen List Update Itchy Bum More From Us Do you want to support our podcast and get some cool little bonuses too We d love to have you as a Patreon member Don t miss out on the warm fuzzy feeling of helping us make wild content every week Check it out Train Primal – Online Personal Training With Bill His Team Cannonball Coffee Delicious tasting and super powerful that WILL give you a boost in the gym You can listen to our podcast with Cannonball Coffee here to find out why we love them If you want to help us out and get some tasty coffee go to cannonballcoffee co uk and use code PRIMAL10 for 10 off Find us on Instagram chatshitgetfitpodcast bill trainprimal coachtomreardon Click here to visit this podcast episode

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