The Five Gifts With Dr Laurie Nadel

The Five Gifts This Thursday on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes author and psychologist Dr Laurie Nadel Dr Laurie Nadel has a dual career in media and psychology As a network news writer producer for 20 years she came to recognize that people whose lives were shattered by catastrophic events also known as breaking news would need long-term support After completing two doctorates she opened a private practice in New York City specializing in acute stress trauma phobias and PTSD For 2 1 2 years she ran a program for teenagers whose fathers were killed on September 11th and after losing her own home to Hurricane Sandy she ran long-term programs for people in her community who needed emotional support due to the long-term damage that follows a disaster Her new book The Five Gifts Discovering Hope Healing and Strength When Disaster Strikes has a Foreword by Dan Rather It is her 7th book She is the author of a four-time bestseller Sixth Sense Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power She is a contributing writer at Our Time Press an award-winning Brooklyn weekly The Five Gifts is nominated for Best Self-Help Book in 2018 by Library Journal Segment 1 Sam opens up with the quote of the day from the universe about pain Pain is almost informative When we are young we learn what is pain and when we are mature we learn early on about what else can cause pain For elderly souls we use pain to look within Pain is the opportunity for us to reflect The quote from Abraham is about the void or vortex feelings that we are in alignment with We learn more about pain from our failure than our successes The topic of today The Five Gifts Segment 2 Sam introduced Dr Laurie Nadel who has a dual career in communication and psychology Dr Laurie talks about the lost of her home to Hurricane Sandy and how she understands what people are going through after the effect of the storm She goes into the discussion about being mentally and financially stable and in our culture we aren t use to instabilities Dr Laurie also discusses the recovery process after a natural disaster Segment 3 Dr Laurie talks about the fine line between positive thinking and denial as well as the importance of supplies and it isn t negative to be prepared Dr Laurie also discussed weather hype She even talks about how the schools would prepare in the 1950s Preparation is important and it all depends on your mindset The importance about how we grow through lost and how grief doesn t set in until a year later Segment 4 To expect the unexpected Dr Laurie talks more about the different ways to be prepared before during and the after weather storms Dr Laurie talks about the importance of insurance and what to do in a time of a crisis She explains different ways to avoid the long term after effects like staying around people especially when you are in stocked She explains what we can do when we are away from home when disaster strikes Click here to visit this podcast episode