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The Heart Of A Servant Part – 2

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SummaryIn this day God is creating in His sons a servant s heart Christ is our exampleand out of His obedience and love for His Father He served Him and those whothe Father gave Him This is the heart of a servant and is to be our heart also Show Notes We submit to the servants How do you submit to a servant Anyone can be a servant Ask Him for a heart of a servant It s all about relationships ReferencesPhilippians 2 5-7Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Who existing in the formof God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped butemptied Himself taking the form of a servant Matthew 25 14-30Parable of the talents John 5 19Jesus answered and said to them Amen amen I say to you a son cannot doanything on his own but only what he sees his father doing for what he does his son will do also Luke 22 39-46The agony in the garden NARBE II Corinthians 5 17So whoever is in Christ is a new creation the old things have passed away behold new things have come Galatians 3 28There is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither slave nor free person there isnot male and female for you are all one in Christ Jesus Quotes When you re truly serving with a servant s heart there s something that comes through that honors the people that you re serving you make them feel lifted up It honors the Christ within you What is the greatest reward of a servant The joy of serving the Lord You don t have to do anything to become a servant except submit yourself to the Lord I do what my Father does I see what my Father sees I speak what my Father speaks Take AwayOur Father is creating a new creation in this day and that creation is called aservant As we follow on to know the Lord we too will say as He did when Hewas on this earth I only do what I see My Father do I only speak what I hearMy Father speaks Click here to visit this podcast episode