The Holistic Nature Of Branding With Robin Vaughn

On a new episode of The Conscious Consultant Hour Awakening Humanity Sam welcomes Branding Specialist Robin Vaughn Robin Vaughn is Principal Brand Messaging Specialist and Founder of WORDENTITY She uncovers the unique brand voice that belongs to your business Turnkey phraseology born out of brand storytelling that solidifies connections with desired audiences makes for true brand romantics Catalyze your brand positioning with storytelling to create meaningful impressions that compel prospects to identify as your client exclusively It s a brave new world of adventure and unapologetically vibrant business expression where Robin offers the map and compass to locate its True North Sam and Robin will discuss all about how to define re-calibrate and perfect the quintessential brand storytelling voice and change the way you look at the brand mandate and its function within a modern community Click here to visit this podcast episode