The Importance Of Community With Alena Chapman

The Importance Of Community This Thursday on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes international best-selling author speaker coach syndicated radio show host and successful entrepreneur Alena Chapman Not just a Coach nor just a thought leader Alena is The Soul Nurturer whose company The Chapman Life Institute works with clients around the world to identify what they really want to achieve in life from a space of compassion non-judgment and love Alena is a two-time international best-seller has more than 30 years of deep study with Bob Proctor and Dr Wayne Dyer Through her two books You Can t Escape From A Prison If You Don t Know You re In One and The Prison Effect weekly e-mail newsletters online group coaching sessions and through her work with Savvy Sisterhood Alena joyfully pursues her passion of leading people to new lives in which they experience their highest levels of happiness confidence strength and purpose Sam and Alena will discuss all about getting support finding community and why it is so important in today s world Segment 1 Sam opens the show with two quotes from Mike Dooley and Abraham Hicks He mentions that we as people tend to pay more attention to the negative stuff and focus only on the bad things Sam also explains that some people tend to think the universe is out to get them but there is always a lot more good to focus on the negative Sam explains that visualization is good but you need to spend a few minutes each and every day with what it is you are trying to manifest Take the time to sit back breathe be present and create your day Set yourself up for success each day ahead of time Segment 2 Sam welcomes international best-selling author speaker coach syndicated radio show host and successful entrepreneur Alena Chapman Alena talks about how Wayne Dyer was a great inspiration and influence in her life She reveals how she decided to change her perception and she had the power to change her world The reward of changing her perception was her life turning around for the better and now she and her family are thriving Alena also speaks about how you have the power to wake up consciously from the prison you may find yourself in Alena discusses the organization she started called Savvy Sisterhood which is a community for women Segment 3 Sam and Alena continue to talk about the organization Savvy Sisterhood and how Alena began her organization Alena talks more of how important it is to build community and how we need to get the community back Many people today are alone and unhappy and Savvy Sisterhood brings people together Alena talks about building of oneself and the importance of women supporting each other and not tearing each other down Segment 4 In closing the show Sam and Alena discuss Alena s new book The Prison Effect Alena explains that her book is about giving people the life skills they need to change their perspective on how they see themselves Alena also discusses her radio show called 30 Minute Moments where she challenges her listeners to take control of their lives and push them to follow their dreams Alena states the importance of changing yourself internally and becoming the person you want to be You need to step out and figure out what you really want to do Alena expresses the need to be brave and persistent don t be afraid Click here to visit this podcast episode