The Importance Of Meaning Making In Our Lives

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EPISODE On The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam once again brings you a show without a guest as he discusses directly with you all about meaning-making How we make meaning in our lives from all the experiences we have truly determines the quality of our life Join Sam as he brings you insights and new perspectives to further empower you to have the life you crave You can call in or interact on the FaceBook livestream Segment 1 Quote of the day Abraham Some spaceship from another planet dropped you off and now you really have it going good sometimes you feel out of place in the world What is animal house Misfits on campus just like the goonies So many of us can relate to that So many people feel out of place and as if they don t fit in -Physical reality is much more solid than we think it is -If you re going to be critical USE THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD Segment 2 Meaning Making The world sucks because somebody hurt me I m a good person because I got what I wanted -We all have a slightly different birthing experience Some were born in the back of a cab some of us take longer to pop out of the womb than others Each Chakra develops with each year of our life -Our consciousness is our energy s way of interpreting how something feels and what we experience -The brain does not directly experience ANYTHING People might see different shades of colors in different ways It s all about interpretation Segment 3 -While parents are busy focusing on paying rent or paying for college and they don t give us what we want our interpretation is that they don t love us When in reality they aren t giving it to us BECAUSE they love us -Internal relationships are formed by the guardian we had growing up with -We make meaning from events without having all of the facts Nothing ever happens because of JUST ONE REASON It is much more complex -Find meaning in the most horrific situations Life has no meaning except for the meaning we give it -reserve judgement on what happens to us in our lives Segment 4 -being triggered shows you where your work is It helps you decide what you need to change around -When we make meaning of something we automatically start to believe it -Everything that happens to us happens for our own good -It is honor that i go through whatever I have to go through in order to heal whatever I need to healClick here to visit this podcast episode