The Infinity Wave With Hope Fitzgerald

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This week Sam welcomes Intuitive Dowser Life Coach Neurofeedback Practitioner Hope Fitzgerald Since her spiritual awakening at the Findhorn Foundation in 1976 Hope has been a dedicated seeker of truth healing and wisdom For 20 years she s been opening her channel to higher guidance through Intuitive Dowsing and her Spiritual Coaching with this tool has helped people transform their lives In 2010 Hope received a series of visions a massive wave on its way to Earth representing an incoming evolutionary push for the planet which ultimately morphed into a standing figure 8 made of flowing water Hope also offers her services as an energy healer a certified Neurofeedback Practitioner and a Death Doula incorporating sound Reiki and essential oils into her work She serves as a faculty member of GodSelf com Hope has been on Spiritual path since birth reading the bible at a young age Her mom was an influence on her had her taking mediation classes Even in her young high school days she was in contact with her spiritual side Taking different mediation methods which helped her in life The Findhorn Garden is were Hope had a spiritual awakening At Findhorn Garden she felt the energy of the surroundings says it was like a cork exploding Through the gardens the awakening comes in steps each step to enlightenment 2010 Hope had a bad year her environment was taking a toll on her She was mentality physically and spiritually drained She knew that she needed help and wanted to find healing She took a healing class which changed her life forever She found a sense of purpose and had visions came to her The visions that came to her was about leaving all of earthly things at the shore The visions came to her so strong she thought she was out of her mind The visions were present and consistent she could see what was happening but couldn t make it out Waves come up and down the days Dowsing rods is a tool that she uses to help her with her spirituality Through the rods she found a The Infinite wave is a natural flow on life The wave is meant to focus your mind and body to just let things go It s a moment of reflection and self healing to put yourself in a place that you control The visions Hope had she was told to have workshops on it She was hesitant because she herself didn t know what the visions meant She was new to the teaching but during the workshops her voice would change low to high Her rods were guiding her to speak when she spoke a voice change She is a channeler detonator she was able to see the words that came to her but wasn t able to change them The Student workshop each had different problems from health to divorce Once the workshop was over everyone s lives were changed the person having a problem health problem weren t having them anymore the person trying too leave her husband resolved everything The students came out better people then when they started 2011 Jennifer Mclane is a healing guide who worked with Hope Hope wasn t sure what she could help with or what her role would be but she went with her instinct The wave is a communication device imagine yourself you are running a wave from your body to the earth Recap the infinite wave is something is nonverbal and simple It s a energy that everyone can do just have to let yourself be free If you let yourself be free and use the infinite wave and using yourself as a guide anything can happen It will show up in your life at times you don t expect it For Hope the infinite wave showed up as a figure eight She found it all over the place once she let herself be open She seen the symbol on the sidewalks on her coffee mug As long as you are willing to open yourself up the possibilities are endless Click here to visit this podcast episode