The Most Popular Investing and Stock Market Podcasts in New York City for Summer 2020

So it seems that people are investing more in the stock market because millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to unemployment because of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic that is badly affecting the United States.

With that, we have so amazing podcast that Target strategies to investors in the United States stock market both for the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange, which will help people to invest much more effectively. What I have found. Is that the podcast called The New Investor podcast and call put strike is one of the most popular podcasts in New York City? And we now have them on the New York City Podcast Network. when people are looking to invest.

What's very interesting about call Port strike? It will address issues with coronavirus and what stocks are affected a good example is the Pfizer stock since Pfizer. is releasing a coronavirus vaccine. This is a good stock to watch and possibly to start investing in right now and this we got from this particular podcast, but if you want to learn more about what's going on with spook markets right now and check ride as Florida CoronaVirus cases skyrocket. You also want to listen to Call Put Strike

However, another gray podcast is The New Investor podcast with our neighbor who will podcast three to four times every single week, so he described you'll have new episode this podcast is not more about the stock market other than doing specific investments and running your own business. Is it in the podcast? On investing in your business, so this is not really anything to do with. Stocks or bonds like Call Put Strike.

They are both very good stocks. they're both very good podcast is ascribed to if you are looking to increase your investment and your involvement in the stock market. The podcast to listen to is called push right since it releases a new episode every single week and addresses issues including unemployment COVID-19. Specific States and companies that are doing very well in the stock market including Tesla and Pfizer. Now with the stock market being affected negatively by a pandemic that is still growing in the United States roughly over 75,000 cases. as of today daily from States including Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida These days are badly affecting the stock market and it might be some time like we had in March when the stock market was closed for several hours. I can see it being closed again.

The best way to keep up with what's going on with the stock market is by following these podcasts on a New York City Podcast Network.