The Political Awakening Of Brazil With Luiz Philippe

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The Political Awakening of Brazil This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes political activist Luiz Philippe de Orl ans e Bragan a Luiz Philippe is the son of the prince in Brazil and we will be speaking about the recent stabbing of presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro and the economic upheaval happening in Brazil Segment 1 Sam opens up with the quotes from the Universe and from Abraham Sam discusses how life is like a dream How dreams are different aspects of us We can experience life in a million different forms in a million different ways Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only transfer into a different state Sam talks about how dreams is what we are doing or dreaming to do Dreams can shift and changes how we are free to always shift and change our dreams Segment 2 Sam talks about his guest who is political activist from Brazil Sam wants to talks about South America for a moment He talks about what is going on in Brazil and across the country how it causing people to leave the country He explains how one era is changing into another era In one era where creativity was beaten out of you Because of how the world is changing because of technology where this new wave is passing through Because of technology we are less of a human robot He introduce Luiz Philippe who is going to enlighten us about what is going on in Brazil Segment 3 Luiz talks about how Latin America is suffering from a cultural problem especially in the political government Their government is different from American government How the government doesn t govern and the president has a lot of power He talks about how it s a very diversify country and how very little checks and balances He explains the many different ways of what he is doing and how it can change Latin American into a less corrupted government Segment 4 Sam and Luiz continues to talk about Brazil Luiz explains about how stability is important Everything is a learning experience Luiz explains how many states countries falls flat and how one branch has more power over the other branches in the government Luiz explains what he and other activist are doing as well as providing a website where anyone can read upon for more information or seeking to help out others Click here to visit this podcast episode