The Quest For The New Age With Brian Wilson

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The Quest for the New Age This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes professor and author Brian C Wilson Sam and Brian will be discussing the new book John E Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age by Brian C Wilson Ph D and how it reveals Fetzer s extraordinary life while chronicling the birth of the New Age movement Segment 1 Sam shares the quotes from the universe and Abraham after speaking about many future guest Today can be teasing us about uncertainty A little bit of uncertainty can make our life eventful Uncertainty doesn t just make life more interesting but it can make us humble It gives us a pause and let us question ourselves Our desires gets refined We need to be more gentle with ourselves Segment 2 Sam welcome professor and author Brian C Wilson Brian gives a brief discussion about his job and the different insights that he gives He talks about Fetzer and his spiritual awakening He talks about the different visions that Fetzer did as well as his love for radio Segment 3 Sam and Brian continues to talk about John E Fetzer Brian talks about how Fetzer was very private about his religious life He was always seeking out like-minded people Fetzer always surrounded himself with a tight-knit like-minded people that he called The Monday Night Crew He never isolated himself Brian explains how the book John Fetzers and the Quest for the New Age is good to those who wants to know more about different spiritual aspect Segment 4 The continued discussion about John Fetzer Brian talks about some of the interesting things that Fetzer did especially his pendulum He even talks about Fetzer was deeply interested in the Ouija board Brian explains the importance about spiritual values Spiritual values are more important than material values Click here to visit this podcast episode