“THE RETURN OF SPRING-HEELED JACK” And More True Paranormal Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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OCTOBER IS OVERCOMING THE DARKNESS MONTH when I dedicate the podcast to raising funds to support organizations who help people struggling with depression anxiety and thoughts of suicide or self-harm Please help with either a small donation or share this link in your social media to encourage others to give to get more information about the fundraiser and organizations we are helping or to get the help that they or a loved one need https weirddarkness com hope PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK in your social media so others who loves strange and macabre stories can listen too https weirddarkness com archives 17756IN THIS EPISODE From human invisibility to amazing demonstrations of levitation we ll look at strange devices weird experiments and impossible observations that if true challenge conventional scientific knowledge Mad Scientists and Impossible Experiments Strange things are often reported in the Nevada desert but the last few months sightings and experiences near Area 51 have exploded What s going on there And what happens if you decide to climb the fence to get in Dead Aliens and Reverse Technology Reports of strange humanoids resembling the legendary Springheel d Jack came out of Argentina in the early two-thousands from 2004-2007 and that was just one of several improbable para-human creatures that were reported The Return of Spring-Heeled Jack SOURCES AND REFERENCES FROM THE EPISODE Mad Scientists and Impossible Experiments by Stephan Wagner link no longer available Dead Aliens and Reverse Technology by Sean Casteel for Spectralvision https tinyurl com somsy9e The Return of Spring-Heeled Jack by Scott Corrales and Christi n Quintero for Inexplicata https tinyurl com 2d59ywxVisit our Sponsors amp Friends https weirddarkness com sponsors Join the Weird Darkness Syndicate https weirddarkness com syndicate Advertise in the Weird Darkness podcast or syndicated radio show https weirddarkness com advertise Weird Darkness theme by Alibi Music Library Background music provided by Alibi Music Library EpidemicSound and or StoryBlocks with paid license Music from Shadows Symphony https tinyurl com yyrv987t Midnight Syndicate http amzn to 2BYCoXZ Kevin MacLeod https tinyurl com y2v7fgbu Tony Longworth https tinyurl com y2nhnbt7 and Nicolas Gasparini https tinyurl com lnqpfs8 is used with permission of the artists OTHER PODCASTS I HOST Paranormality Magazine COMING SEPT 30 2023 https weirddarkness tiny us paranormalitymagMicro Terrors Scary Stories for Kids https weirddarkness tiny us microterrorsRetro Radio Old Time Radio In The Dark https weirddarkness tiny us retroradioChurch of the Undead https weirddarkness tiny us churchoftheundead Over time links seen above may become invalid disappear or have different content I always make sure to give authors credit for the material I use whenever possible If I somehow overlooked doing so for a story or if a credit is incorrect please let me know and I will rectify it in these show notes immediately Some links included above may benefit me financially through qualifying purchases I have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness John 12 46 WeirdDarkness is a registered trademark Copyright 2023 Weird Darkness TRANSCRIPT https weirddarkness com archives 17756This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network if you are interested in advertising on this podcast contact us at https www spreaker com show 3655291 advertisementClick here to visit this podcast episode

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