The Rocket Fuel Podcast Is the Perfect Podcast For Marketing and Entrepreneurship

rocket fuel podcast - perfect podcasrt for entrepreneurs and influencers
If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, influencer in your industry or niche, you want to subscribe to the Rocket Fuel podcast. I especially enjoy the podcast episode on Influencer marketing with Unsah Malik. I certainly learned a lot and this is one of my go-to podcasts to help me become an influencer myself. Unsah talks about the importance of social media especially with Tik Tok and Instagram. Whether you are an agency or an individual, you should listen to this episode at  
Speaking the Language of Youth - I wanted to know how to break through to more teens with my podcast marketing strategies and I have know, through my daughter that Tik Tok is perfect for that. I listened to the Speaking The Language of Youth episode with Adam Harris of Twitch, Hannah Snow and Fran Scudder (Cartoon Network). I learned a lot. It is great to listen to people in the niche who have accomplished great goals in social media and influencing people. Listen and enjoy as I did at
Some of my other favorite episodes I think are integral for entrepreneurs are:[p]

The Future Of Social Platforms (Louise Richardson, Pinterest)

You can listen to all of Rocket Fuel's episodes right here on the NY City Podcast Network[p]