The Saint Of Soul With Musician Greg Banks

Sam welcomes Emerging Artist Greg Banks Greg Banks is a New Orleans native who is being described as The Saint of Soul Greg has mesmerized audiences throughout NYC and around the county so it s no surprise he was chosen by Deli Magazine as NYC s best emerging artist With his amazing body of musical works his hit singles Your Love 16 and Brooklyn Girl his phenomenal music is causing a major buzz His most recent track Tell Me is an eclectic and unexpected fusion of funk soul and rock-n-roll Banks exuberant sound masterfully pays homage to guitar heroes Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz and the R B and funk sounds that originated in his hometown And like I m not going to say Banks is the next Prince because that s blasphemous but the vibes on this one are pretty purple to me AfroPunk magazine Sam and Greg will be talking all about how music brings out your soul Today s episode of the Conscious Consultant Hour sees Sam inviting on Greg Banks a New Orleans native and The Saint of Soul Following quotes from the Universe and Abraham focused on control and trust in matters of the personal Greg delves into his musical background fostered by his family and how it helped him heal in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Greg believes his background of support and elevation in music allowed him to achieve his dreams in life despite societal expectations of what a dream can be Sharing the floor of a 2-bedroom apartment in Mississippi with 19 people Greg had an epiphany that neurology was not his true calling as he was compelled to follow the music Greg profiles the inspiration and lyrics for his song Heaven as the evolution of an artist is discussed What are the expectations of a musical artist in society compared to the actual reality of playing Greg also discusses his spiritual connection to the art he creates and his bandmates who help bring it to life Staying inspired and being larger than circumstance is talked about as well How can a self-starting artist unite people behind a creative vision in a fractured music industry devoid of gatekeepers Finally Greg and Sam discuss the future and how music can shift the climate of thought in the world Influence is not about controlling other people Influence is leading by example Playing the trumpet kept me off the streets What s the streets you say The streets is any place not occupied by your mind The choice was either to be better or to be bitter Click here to visit this podcast episode