The Thirve University with Jeremy Abramson

Jeremy Abramson calls himself the Chief ENERGY Officer. Helping his audience become the best selves they can through happiness and health through such import traits as spirituality and health. Jeremy's episodes talk about getting good sleep, business, social media, and reaching goals. As mentioned in the Thrive University podcast, THRIVE stands for  thoughts, habits, relationships, intention, vitality, and enthusiasm and the episodes on THIS podcast is all about that. With 325 5-star ratings as of this blog post writing, you can listen to a winning podcast.

Let's talk about the three most recent episodes as per this blog post writing.

So, the latest episode titled:

Goal Setting for 2021 (Part 2)

This episode continues from two episodes ago and continues talking about your WIG (Wildly Important Goals). These goals are not just accomplishments. Jeremy talks about breaking them down into attainable smaller goals and reaching the end result. I read the book Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill published in 1939 and loved the book. This episode reminds me of the principles of that book. Jeremy talks about health and breaking down goals such as how to make a million dollars. Listen at

Why Mushrooms Will Heal The World With Eric Osborne

In this episode, Jeremy has co-host Eric Osbourne, an expert with mushrooms and the founder of the non-profit organization PLEDG. Eric talks about how mushrooms works miracles and as mushroom as a medicine. Jeremy says this is one of the most powerful shows he has done. If you like the taste of mushrooms, this episode will show you more ways to enjoy them. Listen at

Goal Setting for 2021 (Part 1)

Jeremy starts it all here with goal settings. He calls this the goal-setting formula and starts the episode with talking about WIG (Wildly Important Goals) as well as Steve Jobs. Listen at