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Tradesman Who Feel Stuck In Life – Working On The Tools

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Get a trade they said you will have work for life then Also feel stuck with work for life That may be true but you will also be working for life too Come over the www breakthechains uk listen and I would be happy to show you where to grab a copy Unless you figure out another way to make money whiles your not at work your going to doing that same job until your dying day Making sure that doesn t happen is easy Create another stream of income along side the job you do That s what you are about to find out Programed To Feel Stuck You parents and society advice you to get a trade under your belt Weather it be Electrician Plumber Hairdresser Accountant Builder Its common knowledge that people will always need this type of skilled workers There are too many pros to learning a trade to see any of the cons That is until you have done the job for a number of years Being a tradesman your always looking to make more money or to better your circumstances in life After being employed for a few years the next best thing is to start up your own business then your trapped The moneys good you have a big network of customers to keep happy because you want to keep the constant work coming in That s just it being a tradesperson isn t easy It also isn t something you can make money out of if your not physically there doing the job Trying Different Things You could have a membership that you offer to customers where if they get a problem you will be there within 24 hours Then you have a 24 hour call out service and need to be ready all the time However you look at building a passive income as a tradesman its comes at a cost of your time Then there is the fear of change Keeping you feeling stuck How the hell can you do something different after being the same person for so many years Its not only the fear its other peoples opinion and what they think of you When I left schools I started a mechanic apprenticeship I lasted a year getting covered in oil and grease before thinking this isn t for me I didn t feel stuck back then So when I got my apprenticeship as an electrician I went back to the same collage Saw the same tutors and they said to me what s next year Ben you going to come back and do painting I did finish the apprenticeship as an electrician just quit that too 20 years later Who actually makes the decision that you can t change your mind you can t give something else a try We know it should be us its just the outside influences that stop us How many times have you missed out on trying something because you were worried what others would say Its time to stop all that Think about you and what you want in your life What advice would you give your child if they were you Make a plan and quit Make a plan first you don t want to become a bum You need to think about what you want for your future If your happy with what your doing then others around you will be happy too When you feel stuck you lose interest in what your currently doing you not as enthusiastic as when you first started Don t you want that exciting feeling back again You can get this by giving yourself a challenge something completely out your comfort zone If you got the looks you could start an only fans page unfortunately for me that wasn t an option Outside being a tradesman there is a whole world of opportunities Opportunities that will enable you to make money 24 hours a day It does sound too good to be true when you first think about it but how do you think so many people are able to manage just that Some at the age of 20 straight out of collage They don t go out and charge 1000 an hour for working in someone s garden They have created a system that pays them over and over even whiles they sleep Waking up to being paid I never even knew this was a thing until a few years ago So I dived into it myself I tried me hand at affiliate marketing If you don t know what affiliate marketing is simply put its where you recommend products to people who are looking for a solution to a problem If someone didn t have a clue what affiliate marketing was I would recommend a book that not only details how it all works but how you can scale an affiliate marketing business to over 7 figures When I recommend that book and someone buys it for 7 95 I make 1 commission 1 isn t going to help you replace your job as a tradesman I know That s only the beginning To find out the rest your going to have to read the book Come over the www breakthechains uk listen and I would be happy to show you where to grab a copy Remember time is the only thing money cant buy make the most of it Click here to visit this podcast episode

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