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Trauma, A Father’s Love And Hope | The Peter And Belle Anthony Story

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After a traumatic experience Peter and Belle Anthony s father-daughter relationship is put to the test as they both strive to take small steps towards self-care connection and understanding – a journey of love and redemption for the holidays It s okay to talk about mental health whether it s good or bad – Belle Anthony Peter and Belle Anthony are father and daughter who have experienced a powerful transformation in their relationship through a traumatic experience They share their story of how a father s love and support can impact the self-esteem of young women and the importance of real conversations in relationships After a traumatic experience Peter and Belle s relationship changed Peter had to learn to work with Belle to take baby steps like getting out of bed in the morning and eating better Peter also had to learn a new playbook for parenting in a much different world than before Belle also realized she had to start living for herself and take control of her own wellbeing Now they both understand the importance of a father s love and support in building a young woman s self esteem as well as the importance of mental and emotional health In this episode you will learn the following 1 What is the importance of a father-daughter relationship in a young woman s life 2 How did Peter and Belle Anthony s relationship changed when Belle experienced a traumatic event 3 What they Ultimately Discovered together and what they are doing with it 4 Their Message for all of us Resources https youranuff com en-us The video version of this show is available on YouTube https www youtube com thefalliblemanpodcast and Rumble https rumble com c c-2176422 Register for our Live or Virtual Conference The Phoenix Men s Conference https www thefallibleman com thephoenix Fallible Man Coaching Services If you need some help conquering your goals building a plan and seeking the life you want to live you can find me at www thefalliblmean com coaching and schedule a discovery call and work with me directly Actually get a GOOD night s sleep Go see my friends at https www ghostbed com pages fallible and use the code fallible for 30 off your order It s what I sleep on and what I count on Click here to visit this podcast episode