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Turn Your Podcast Into A Published Book – Eps. #231

As a podcaster our main goal is to publish valuable content consistently for our listeners In addition to that we are also looking for ways to grow and strengthen not only our loyal podcast listeners but our social media followers as well There are many ways in which to do this including creating a blog for your nbsp podcast which you should do launch a video podcast or YouTube channel leverage Pinterest to help promote your show Facebook Twitter Snapchat and Tik Tok but in today s crowded field of 24 hour social media cycle turning your podcast into a book is most effective If you are following me on YouTube then you may recall back in August when I decided to record an episode every day with plans to turn it into a book well I haven t done it yet however I have enough content to do so and am planning to kick off 2021 with those more than 100 episodes of podcasting pointers I have however authored 2 books Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners and Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide on Amazon and just recently completed another Podcasting eBook which I will be launching during the holidays These books are an extension of the podcast and blog that allows yet another opportunity to expand and broaden my brand online There are many podcasters out there who have expanded their influence and reach by taking topics shared via audio on their podcast then putting those words on paper and turning it into a book and so should you Find and follow me on all my social media platforms to learn more at http linktr ee delblogger — Send in a voice message https anchor fm delawareblogger messageClick here to visit this podcast episode