Understanding The Connection Between Your Mind & The Universe

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We are a way for the cosmos to know itself the cosmos is a way for us to know ourselves The Idea Space makes consciousness as real as gravity Cl ment Decrop will revolutionize your understanding of the mind with his captivating scientific and mathematical exploration of consciousness Infinite space of the mind mirrors the infinite vastness of the universe and lessons learned from one can illuminate the other The Idea Space helps us understand our true selves by lifting the veil of illusion The book demystifies mindfulness through illustrations and engaging exercises that make it accessible to all By examining our world s hidden truths Decrop invites us to discover a genuine harmonious and sincere purpose for living This truth is hidden in plain sight which makes it all the more beautiful The only thing you need to do is look Valeria interviews Cl ment Decrop He is the author of The Idea Space The Science of Awakening Your Non-Self Inventor and author Belgium-born Clement Decrop moved to the U S at the age of three with his family With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State Decrop worked across the globe including France Spain United Emirates and then back home in the United States Decrop s recently released book The Idea Space delves into the depths of consciousness by introducing a distinctive solution to Einstein s field equation to describe the mind accessible to the layperson In this literary journey Decrop guides readers to view their thoughts objectively and identify their impact helping them discover a happier existence and a deeper understanding of their life s purpose As a Resilient Leadership adapter pioneer since 2018 Clement has shared his wisdom on meditation sleep exercise and nutrition with thousands of eager participants in over 40 countries His innovative spirit led him to collaborate with numerous inventors from Wikipedia s Most Prolific Inventors List resulting in 130 patent disclosures within one year 50 filed and 15 issued To learn more about Cl ment Decrop and his work please visit theideaspace io This podcast is a quest for well-being a quest for a meaningful life through the exploration of fundamental truths enlightening ideas insights on physical mental and spiritual health The inspiration is Love The aspiration is to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us to a new way of being being well Click here to visit this podcast episode