Untangling The Emotions Of The Pandemic With Support – Valeria Colato

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Valeria Colato is a Brazilian professional with experience in Sales Customer Service Account Management and Marketing She moved to Ireland in 2017 and marketed for well-known Irish brands prior to joining the Great Resignation and deciding to change her career and industry in December 2021 Since March 2022 she is happily working in the Tech Industry as a Customer Success Associate She s a natural extrovert who was heavily impacted during the shutdowns of the pandemic but she was able to use available resources to determine where her values truly lied Stay connected with our GuestConnect with Valeria Colato on LinkedIn Support the ShowKey topics discussed Time Stamps 01 34 Valeria apos s background working in Dubai and now Ireland 03 32 What are some of the things that have driven Valeria apos s success 04 50 What are the things that have served Valeria well in the workforce so far 07 28 Valeria discusses how COVID 19 affected her life 11 48 How the pandemic changed her and addressing stress via therapy 14 08 Why Valeria quit her job during the pandemic with no new jobs lined up 19 47 What happened after resigning the role 22 41 Discovering new opportunities 25 43 Advice for listeners 28 13 Further resources closing thoughts Visit Us Why I LeftSubscribe on Apple Podcasts Spotify and YouTube RSS feed Why I Left RSSFollow us Instagram OfficialWhyILeftTwitter WhyILeft Facebook OfficialWhyILeft WhyILeftPodcast GreatResignation Podcast Wellness Enjoy this episode If so rate it 5 stars on Apple Podcasts and share it with your community We d love your feedback Why I Left is created using Riverside which makes it easy to record podcasts and video interviews that look and sound great Riverside paid link Buzzsprout – Let s get your podcast launched Start for FREEDisclaimer This post contains affiliate links If you make a purchase I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you Support the show