$way – Sober All Week

“Energetic hip hop dance club music basically modern generation music.”

If you are listening to the single sway with the song, “Sober All Week” by hip hop recording artist $way, you will find it to be an amazing combination of hip hop, dance and pop. We encourage podcasts in the categories of lifestyle, spiritual, education, entertainment, all music comma, health and lifestyle to download this single. Also, just to note this song has amazing artwork. Sober All Week was just put up today and already has 65 listens and several downloads. We are hoping that at least 2 or 3 podcasters will play this single on their shows.

Thanks to all of the podcasters who already support the pod safe music directory on our podcast network. $way describes this single is pure energy, an energetic hip hop song. We definitely agree!. Download sober all week from $way today and get it onto your podcast for your audience to enjoy. We look forward to more amazing dance and hip hop music from this very talented artist.

We also want to elaborate on how amazing the artwork is. If you take a look closely at the artwork, you can incorporate this into your podcast episode artwork as well or in the show notes. It has the artist surrounded by a collection of popular drugs, including, but not limited to cannabis, several different capsules, a bottle of Jack Daniels and other assorted alcoholic beverages. The whole thing is surrounded by a combination of bright, vibrant red, blue and purple background colors which stand out on our pod safe music directory.

Listen to more of $way on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/7KuOap8UjGdxJeuFFAk9X4