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WFN #049 – Fred Returns To Talk About Rising Rates And Quality Notes To Invest In!

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Rates are rising mortgage lenders are laying off employees if not closing altogether Why should you still add mortgage notes to your investment portfolio Fred returns to give us an update on the mortgage note industry If you missed Fred s previous appearance check out episode 019 as well as his book and FREE report listed below on the resources Want to support the show Buy me a coffee or become a Patreon member Helpful Resources The Little Green Book On Note InvestingFred s FREE ReportWhat Is A Note Specialized Trust and Quest Trust use your self-directed retirement accounts to invest in notes SEC EDGAR Company Search see if the investments is REGISTERED Driver Loan Scam Trust Pilot BBB and CFPB SuitConnect with Fredfred libertiesmanagement comwww fredmoskowitz comShow SponsorsFocus Wealth GroupSpartan InvestStay connected with Wealth and Freedom Nexus Instagram Twitter YouTube www wealthandfreedomnexus comAs always be sure to follow subscribe rate and share this podcast with other like-minded individuals who are in pursuit of wealth and freedom Garden Basics with Farmer FredThe healthiest food you can eat is the food you grow yourself We have the tips Listen on Apple Podcasts nbsp Spotify