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WFN #058 – Is The ‘1% Rule’ DEAD? Marco Santarelli From Norada Real Estate Gives His Thoughts

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Is the 1 rule dead Are you looking for an investment that yields 12-15 pays monthly and you DON T have to be accredited Finally what if you need an option for mortgage financing outside of a traditional bank Our returning guest from episode 16 Marco Santarelli joins us again to answer all three of these questions and share his thoughts on the housing market going into 2023 Tip Trivia In 1983 the inflation calculation was changed from tracking mortgages and other housing costs to tracking owners equivalent rent which made the measurement less volatile Want to support the show Buy me a coffee or become a Patreon member Helpful Resources Housing starts in 2010 Norada FundingHow legalizing marijuana skyrocketed Colorado s housing marketShadow Stats the REAL inflation rate Connect with MarcoMarco s PodcastNorada Real Estate InvestmentsShow Sponsors Build 2 Rent Specialized Trust Stay connected with Wealth and Freedom Nexus Instagram Twitter YouTube www wealthandfreedomnexus comAs always be sure to follow subscribe rate and share this podcast with other like-minded individuals who are in pursuit of wealth and freedom The Most Interesting Successful LGBTQ PeopleOn Queer We Are Brad Shreve talks with some of the most interesting and successful Listen on Apple Podcasts nbsp Spotify