What Do I Need To Start And/or Grow A Business With James Stew, Danielle Miller, & Athon Lyons

In this episode of Finding Recess podcast Kyle Jones have two guests their names are Danielle Miller and James Stewart they will talk about entrepreneurship Ms Miller is the CEO of ESS Group Inc they are a government contractor And Mr Stewart is the owner of NEXGEN Financial Group LLC a financial education Episode Timeline 1 19Ms Miller is the CEO of ESS Group Inc they are a government contractor It basically provides training and development services administrators services program management contract management and acquisition services Plus they have a lot of strategic partnerships where they can dip into different industries 2 00The primary focus is to build strategic partnerships and win contracts The company still offers a little bit of coaching programs where it can still assist small businesses but they don t really necessarily do it in the consulting room anymore 5 00Mr Stewart is the owner of NEXGEN Financial Group LLC They teach a lot to help people get out of debt or move to the next level They have people in different financial levels They also do different life insurance and annuity products His business of restaurant has just opened And he thought losing the same predicament because he already had to plan everything and rolling right before COVID But luckily God blesses that the business is still going It s still rolling They re not having a chance to expand but it s a Thai restaurant 10 30We all have some product that we are selling get some insight into that product get it out there get it go have conversations with not just friends and family because they tend to they tend to be sympathetic to what we re trying to accomplish But get someone who s really going to tell you the truth about that particular product 14 20A lot of people don t have mentors in their field You want to get around with people who are doing what you aspire to do Educate yourself on those principles of business 18 20Sales and marketing are the most critical piece You re going to educate yourself in business The very first thing that you need to do is educate yourself in sales and marketing process Because the more you sell the more you can get to the point where you don t have to do the selling 25 20It s important to surround yourself around the right people who are achieving more who are like minded like you where you don t feel like you are the smartest person in the room and finding those organizations can help We ve met a lot of different successful companies who are doing really well and it also helps to network and meet other people that you can go to for information 31 10There s an old saying that if there s six more people in the room if there are five smart people in the room you d be the six ones If there s five dumb people you d be the sixth one You need to move to a different location for different people and that s when you can find better mentors and somebody s doing higher than you 36 00You need to kind of understand your personality I ve done a few personality tests around very high improvise So I can get into a situation and understand what s going on with that situation and then make decisions based on you what know on the information that I m presented at that point in time 40 32Once you kind of know what you know you know what you can get away with what you know You can hit the ground running We already have our foundations that we already know We want to worry about getting the next product and moving forward because our mindsets are already in business mode 45 26People think that failure is a bad thing You can t get to success without going through failure As a matter of fact success is built on the steps of failure If you re going if you want more success you have to find more ways to fail more And I don t mean that in a negative way but you got to find ways to mess this up 49 34I think the first thing is to really make sure that you ve identified your market and how large that market is Once you kind of target that audience how are you getting feedback and data from that audience to determine whether or not your product is one that s meaningful to them 50 10If they don t like your product then maybe you need to develop another product I think it s important to have the data once you kind of understand if you re moving in the right direction and the last thing that you want to be doing is spending 55 20More and more people started to come back to their business simply because of the relationship that they built That s part of marketing is to build rapport with the people you plan to market to will do sales and business with but you can t look at them 57 30Your sales will double because your mentality is going to change and your behavior and how you approach that situation is going to change 1 00 01Most importantly in any partnership it has to be a win-win for both sides So if you re asking for money or you want someone to donate or partner with you in any shape or form what are you also bringing to the table to be enticing to the other person You don t want to be in a situation where you re just asking for money and you have nothing to offer the other person in this particular partnership 1 08 25Make sure that this person is backing you You re going to advertise this piece of backing but it doesn t want to infringe of what your business is doing or what your non-profits doing Make sure that you re getting the correct money from the people 1 12 14The difference between folks who become successful with those ideas is really the devotion the drive and the focused energy on making it happen In order to build a strong business that s going to be successful it s going to take time energy and painstakingly you re just gonna have to commit Connect with us on http findingrecess com Facebook Instagram Twitter Click here to visit this podcast episode