Where To Find A Provider + Top 10 Questions To Ask

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Overall the most important thing is that you have a lot more power than you realize when it comes to your birth experience Take that power and run with it If you can be on the same page as your birth support especially your provider be educated and knowledgeable and communicate with your birth partner about what you want you CAN achieve the birth of your dreams To Leave a Review Open Apple PodcastsFind Pregnancy amp Birth Made Easy podcastSelect Ratings and Reviews Click the stars Select Write a Review and tell us what was the most amazing comforting eye-opening thing that you loved Links Mentioned My Essential Birth Course – BLACK FRIDAY BONUS OFFERMy Essential Birth InstagramDockATot 15 Off CodeThe VBAC Link apos s Cheat Sheet amp Provider QuestionsQuestions to Ask Your ProviderQuestions to Ask Your MidwifeBirthplace Tour QuestionsIna May s Guide to ChildbirthClick here to visit this podcast episode