Year Of Inspired Living With Kelly McGrath Martinsen

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Segment 1 Sam begins the show with the quotes of the day Neither worthiness effort skill talent timing connections looks popularity blood sweat or tears will make the difference More than anything else living in wealth and abundance is simply a matter of knowing you already do Universe Sam goes into people s need to be more of something But the most important aspect is to understand that we already have what we need Not to say to not put in effort but to acknowledge that we can still evolve and improve ourselves The expansion of the Universe and the evolution of all species is dependent on contrast How could you ever decide what you do want without living some of what you don t want And so be easy on yourself Do not try to hold yourself to the impossible standard of only being in a place where everything is exactly as you wanted it to be If you could do that you would cease to exist Abraham Sam defines what contrast is and why it is important that we have it in our lives Why it is important to experience a different viewpoint or contrast in order to understand why it doesn t work in your opinion and at least gain the perspective about the other side He also goes into why it is not worth resisting the contrast Segment 2 Sam introduces his guest author and publisher Kelly McGrath Martinsen to the show Kelly goes into her experience as a magazine publisher What she learned working for a magazine and how it translated into her time publishing her self-help book How journaling ignited her passion to write her book Kelly discusses how she was able to bounce back from losing her job to writing a successful book She also discusses her experience surviving Hurricane Sandy Segment 3 Kelly then breaks down her book with Sam Kelly covers the amount of time the book can help the readers and its re-readability Kelly goes through some key chapters of what her book is all about They go into the criticisms of self-help books and the keys to getting the readers engaged in them Most importantly Kelly tells Sam what she learned most from writing the book Segment 4 Sam asks Kelly what kind of response she was expecting from her readers about her new book and whether the response was different from what she expected How writing the book helped her get through painful parts of her life Kelly then explains her future in writing and possible topics she hopes to explore in her future as an author Click here to visit this podcast episode