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Kindness is FREE

September 20, 2022

Herbert “Flight Time” Lang, Herbert lives in CA and was a basketball player for the Harlem Globetrotters from 1999-2017, and has participated in 3 seasons of The Amazing Race. He has traveled to over 90 countries around the world playing a major part in making it a better place with his, “Kindness is Free” campaign as he encountered so many people who showed him nothing but kindness. As a basketball player with the Harlem Globetrotters; he has passed the ball to so many including The Po...Get details

A BIG guest with an even BIGGER heart!

September 2, 2022

This week we welcome BACK to the podcast Mr. TRAP DADDY GAMBINO! You may remember him from Dr. Phil, Divorce Court, his viral rap videos, his first mma fight, or most recently his celebrity jiu jitsu fight at High Rollerz, but you've NEVER seen him like this! A man manifesting his own destiny, see what Trap has been up to, his latest reality show, and more! You'll learn to dream, and have a hell of a good laugh. Please check this out!!!...Get details

New Additions to Sideline Sports Network

August 31, 2022

Atlanta, GA., July 14, 2022 – Sideline Sports: JB Ellis, Co-Founder of Sideline Sports, and co-host of such shows as Both Sides Of The Coin and Cubfidential, announces two big additions to the Sideline Sports team, Dave Stevens and George Jones. Dave Stevens is a seven time Emmy award winning broadcaster formerly from ESPN and KSTP-TV in Minneapolis. He is also a congenital amputee who is the only athlete to play college football and minor league baseball without legs, and whose story has b...Get details

Storytelling Sells Podcasts!

August 31, 2022

How many of you have fond memories of listening to your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunties, uncles or even teachers read you stories? Well a good podcast, tells a good story and a good story sells a podcast! You have to be relatable to your listeners, you have to offer them something - education, entertainment, enlightenment, inspiration, motivation - something, but more importantly, you have to tell the story in order to sell them to come back for more....Get details

The Daily Transcendence is BACK! New and Improved!

August 30, 2022

After much needed time and contemplation, The Daily Transcendence is back with all your esoteric and metaphysical knowledge you need and more! Prepare for a fresh new look and even more great content to come as we return with a BANG! Catch up now on loads of episodes and check out shows with guests we’ve had on that will be making a return very soon. You will not be disappointed!...Get details

Tune into Living Your Truth w/Tavares

August 28, 2022

The LYTWT Podcast is in its 3rd season. We are thankful for all of our supporters who continue to tune and share such an amazing space with us all. We will continue to build a positive organic experience for all to enjoy. Living your truth is not easy and so I hope that you feel welcomed and safe. You are witnessing something very special. A personal journey that shares details through my lenses for you to connect to or not. The best part is, it’s your truth, my truth, our truth. Live i...Get details

Free Audiobooks – New Free Audiobooks All The Time

August 26, 2022

With tens of thousands of listeners from around the world, you are sure to be entertained, delighted, and thrilled listening to our growing collection of audiobooks. We already have hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of episodes (615+ audiobooks and 12,475+ episodes) published or scheduled to be published through 2025 and beyond depending on listenership interests. If you love to read, then come and join us, whether you want to relax, sleep, relieve stress, or block out noise....Get details

5 Authors Discuss Living With Dementia

August 23, 2022

On June 15, 2021, 5 of our authors came together for our first Virtual Q&A called “Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Living with Early Onset Dementia but Were Afraid to Ask.” We talked about their diagnoses, and they answered questions regarding their daily lives, how they cope with their condition, how they manage to keep a positive attitude, and so much more. You will learn a lot! Featuring Peter Berry, Dr. Jennifer Bute, Michael Ellenbogen, Wendy Mitchell, and Gerda Saunders....Get details

The Voice of the UK, and a Marriage Proposal!?

August 12, 2022

This week, we interview one of the greatest sports commentators of our generation, the voice of the UK, and a legend in mixed martial arts and the UFC: Mr. John Gooden! It's a fantastic interview and I'd love if you could check it out and share with friends! plus, we have our first ever marriage proposal on the podcast! ♥️ #mma #podcast #ufc #London #England...Get details

Make Your Own Kanye West

August 12, 2022

The Warner Brothas and guest Andrew Franklin will be coming out with the second episode of a new series, “Make Your Own”. This is where they take songs from the discographies of selected artists and create their version of the perfect album! A lot of time and thought goes into every album created and this has been a very fun way to appreciate what artists give to the listeners daily! Stay tuned into The Warner Brothas Podcast for more and check out our Make Your Own Drake episode!!...Get details

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