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034: Property Improvements That Pay Off

Do you have a girlfriend or wife Most likely they are the ones who decide where you are going to live They run the roost You re always going to try to live in the nicest and safest place that you can afford But what men consider acceptable women feel otherwise Today I m joined by my wife Shelley to talk about all things necessary when doing improvements on your property that get you paid Do you do too little or too much What should they look like What does a unit refresh standard or upgrade require Let s take an imaginary tour to paint a picture of what your units should look like Topics on Today s Episode Replace cheap light fixtures doorknobs and other features to make the property appear fresh and nice Develop a refresh standard of what a unit should look like hinges knobs etc Refresh standard does not cost much more money Out-of-towners looking for an apartment shop via the Internet so use marketing on the Internet Small changes make renters buyers feel at home comfortable and safe Use common sense to solve 99 of your problems Unit refresh standard typically only costs an extra 200-250 but the ROI is huge Change out toilets and always have a low-flow toilet available which conserves water Quotes When you re going into a 70s or 80s apartment complex it does not cost that much more money to do the refresh standard Corey Peterson Mama wants to walk into her apartment complex and be blown away Corey Peterson Common sense can solve 99 of your problems Corey Peterson Don t forget to download my Free Workshop Quickstart Video Series and if you like what you have heard please leave a review on iTunes Text the word MONEY to 408-500-1127 to get my free private money program and credibility kit for single family Click here to visit this podcast episode