The New York City Podcast Network is proud to present Podsafe Music, a safe and legal way to include copyrighted music on your podcast without permission from the composer.

To all podcasters

These songs are podsafe, meaning you can legally play them on your podcasts with permission from the artists. Each song has a download link and some have audio players and samples are available to let you preview the audio before you download them. If you use any on these songs on your podcast, please send us a note letting us know, so we can have the artist thank you and possibly also promote your podcast.

To all artists, musicians, and songwriters

This is an amazing way to get your music the exposure you need. When you are listed here, over 100 podcasters can preview your music and if interested, download your music to be included on their podcasts. This is a change for you to reach a new audience with your music, not only podcasters, but also their listeners and subscribers.

To include your music here

We are offering this service totally on Fiverr at – Simply order a Fiverr gig and select from options from one to three months. Your order will be processed and we will include your music here. Plans start as low as $10 per month.

Podsafe music: Sofi Maeda “Ashita”

Podsafe music: We Luv It #MYNBA Artist: Matthew Genre: Hip Hop Download at:

Podsafe music: Nobody Cares Artist: Bruce Chamoff Genre: Rock Download at:


Podsafe music: We Are The Infinite Artist: Double Score Genre: Rock Download at:

Bruce Chamoff · NOBODY CARES – A song about the protests in the USA
Double Score · We Are The Infinite