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1 Of 7 – Capital Raising Week: How To Raise Millions Of Dollars At A Time – Adam A. Adams

Episode Summary With this episode Adam kicks off the capital raising week a series of episodes which will be ultimate guide for you to be raising capital In this episode he goes in details about KLTI and why all the successful investors use it Adam gives an introduction on the Capital Raising Week and touches on all the important steps you need to take to be successful in Raising In this episode you ll learn – Why Adam is hosting the capital raising week – How to effectively raise money – What is the KLTI blueprint – What gives the biggest results with least efforts – KLTI works for both single family and multi family investing – Why you need to have a funnel – The 10 rule Resources from this episode Info on Raising Money Summit Connect With Us To connect with Jason please email or call him at Phone 303 949-8662 Email crep ecospace com Wesbite Ecospace We look forward to hearing from you Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode Click here to visit this podcast episode