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2 Of 7 – Capital Raising Week: The Three Pillars To To Reach The Most Number Of People

Episode Summary Every successful investor has funnels to get passive investors Whether it is a podcast events or a book having a funnel is important to raise money In this episode Adam goes into how to have a good funnel He describes what the 3 three pillars which he says is crucial for raising money In this episode you ll learn – What are the three pillars of raising capital – How to build a funnel – How to make sharable content – Why you should be authentic on social media – How you can use live events to reach people – How to gain trust of the people – Why Adam was selected as one of the top meet up organizers by Meetup com – How Adam has more 5 star ratings and reviews on Meetup com Resources from this episode Info on Raising Money Summit Get 75 off on tickets to Raising Money Summit by texting Adam Adams to 55444 Connect With Us To connect with Jason please email or call him at Phone 303 949-8662 Email crep ecospace com Wesbite Ecospace We look forward to hearing from you Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode Click here to visit this podcast episode