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4 Steps To Help You Unplug From Work: 2 Minutes Of Motivation

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Do you struggle with unplugging from work In this Live Greatly 2 minutes of motivation podcast episode Kristel Bauer shares 4 steps to help you unplug from work to support more fulfillment in your personal life and family life Tune in now Key Takeaways From This Episode 4 steps to help you unplug Click HERE to listen to the episode with Jacqueline Tatelman About the Host of the Live Greatly podcast Kristel Bauer Kristel Bauer is a corporate wellness expert in-demand Keynote Speaker and TEDx speaker with a mission of supporting companies and individuals on their journeys for more happiness success well-being With Kristel s unique background in Integrative Psychiatry business and media she provides invaluable insights and strategies to empower inspire and motivate companies leadership and sales teams as well as other groups and organizations Kristel shares key insights into high-power habits leadership development mental well-being peak performance resilience success a modern approach to work life balance Using a blend of authenticity Psychology Science Kristel provides insights to excel in sales and thrive as a team leader Kristel s messaging supports company profitability while promoting vibrant company cultures with healthier and happier employees Kristel is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur and she is an influencer in the business and wellness space having been recognized as a Top 10 Social Media Influencer of 2021 in Forbes As an Integrative Medicine Fellow Physician Assistant Kristel has a unique perspective into optimizing well-being and achieving success Kristel has been featured in Forbes Forest Bluff Magazine Podcast Magazine and she has contributed to Real Leaders Magazine She has been live on ABC 7 Chicago WGN Daytime Chicago Ticker News To Book Kristel as a speaker for your next event click here Website www livegreatly co Follow Kristel Bauer on Instagram livegreatly co LinkedIn Kristel Bauer Twitter livegreatly co Facebook livegreatly co Youtube Live Greatly Kristel Bauer To Watch Kristel Bauer s TEDx talk of Redefining Work Life Balance in a COVID-19 World click here Click HERE to check out Kristel s corporate wellness and leadership blog Click HERE to check out Kristel s Travel and Wellness Blog Disclaimer The contents of this podcast are intended for informational and educational purposes only Always seek the guidance of your physician for any recommendations specific to you or for any questions regarding your specific health your sleep patterns changes to diet and exercise or any medical conditions Always consult your physician before starting any supplements or new lifestyle programs All information views and statements shared on the Live Greatly podcast are purely the opinions of the authors and are not medical advice or treatment recommendations They have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration Opinions of guests are their own and Kristel Bauer this podcast does not endorse or accept responsibility for statements made by guests Neither Kristel Bauer nor this podcast takes responsibility for possible health consequences of a person or persons following the information in this educational content Always consult your physician for recommendations specific to you Click here to visit this podcast episode