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401 – Increase Your Financial Literacy

Andrew Cordle is a noted American entrepreneur in-demand speaker and highly regarded wealth strategist He serves as founder and CEO of Money Is his company dedicated to sharing the secrets of the wealthy 1 with the masses as well as sparking authentic conversations about money Andrew is the editor of Money Is Magazine a 3-time bestselling author and a passionate educator highly regarded in the industry His platform speaking engagements generated over 100 million dollars in sales in only a 3 year period https andrewcordle com Business is the extension of a person or group of persons as an applied expression of their internal values and character Business is both an expression of their thoughts and an application of their moral will We can therefore examine any business on two levels First WHAT it does Second HOW it does it There is the mechanical technical side of business and there is the culture conduct human interface aspect of business Integrity comes from the same root word as integer meaning a whole number or complete in itself Chris Miles the Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial Advisor is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients entrepreneurs and others internationally He s an author speaker and radio host that has been featured in US News CNN Money Bankrate Entrepreneur on Fire and spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results http moneyripples com Click here to visit this podcast episode