An Amazing Scientific Trilogy Podcast: Twin Paradox From King Everett Medlin

A scientific podcast with time travel, space, theory conspiracies, technological development, and more. The New York City Podcast Network

If you are into movies with futuristic situations including advanced science, space/time travel, conspiracy theories, and technological development through the ages...

this podcast has them ALL. Author and creative podcaster King Everett Medlin takes us through three books which will be read in their entirety within 60 weeks. Have fun listening to each book in this podcast.
The Great Collapse of 2028. It is interesting to see inside the mind of King Everett Medlin and what 2086 will be like. Whether you will still be on this Earth during that year, this podcast episode takes you there. Close your eyes and listen to this stellar first introductory chapter.
Keep listening to the next chapter and all of the following chapters to stay involved in the story line. This episode describes life under the new world order; written about the desperation of the people and the challenges they face.
Once you listen to the first two episodes, this podcast will turn into a free "audio book that you just cannot put down". I am already on episode 4 Solar Revolution and plan on going to the end.

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